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New Gift Shop Item!

What is your favorite 3-word phrase? Is it "I love you"?  Or maybe "Honey I’m home”?  Some like “Save your fork!”  But another one to look for is "Made in America". Made in America gives some assurance of adequate compensation for the labor of the workers as well as materials that are generally safer and higher quality than those used in some countries.  The fabulous jigsaw puzzles we are offering for sale at the Hotel Pattee are custom-made of high quality materials by puzzleYOU of Williamsport, Pennsylvania. This USA based company has been a valuable partner in providing us with a first-rate keepsake that offers hours of puzzling for both the novice or experienced puzzler.  


Still looking for something unique to give?  Stop in at the front desk of the Hotel Pattee and get your 1000 piece La Poste puzzle or a child's 48-piece puzzle of our beloved Hotel Pattee dog, Lopso. 

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