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Simple Tips to Decorating Like a Pastry Chef

We all love streaming baking competitions and cake decorating challenges to admire the edible art and scrumptious desserts. Watching from home, do you ever ask yourself... how do I measure up? We’ve asked our talented pastry chef, Angie Petersen, to share her top secrets to take your cheesecake decorating skills up a slice!


Gather your tools and pull your cooled cheesecake from the fridge. It's time to decorate!

Metal Spoon

A metal spoon is the best way to spread warm, chocolate ganache over your cooled cheesecake.

Clean Knife

A clean knife, hot water, and a clean paper towel are needed to keep your slices tidy.

Piping Bags

Let's be honest... none of us can dollop whipped cream very pretty. Get out that piping bag and make your cheesecake beautiful!


Step #1: Chocolate Ganache

After heating and mixing your chocolate chips and cream to create your chocolate ganache, gently pour over the top of your cooled cheesecake. Utilizing a metal spoon to smooth the chocolate, gently push excess chocolate to the edge for a chocolate dipped finish.

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