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Bike Friendly

Whether it be our comfy rooms, a pre-ride bloody-mary, post ride food and drink or a great breakfast the morning after, the Hotel Pattee has been "home" to BRR riders for years. Many a rider comes from near and far to enjoy a weekend stay at the hotel in February for BRR. Our hospitality does not end there!

We are a year-round bicycle destination with secure, indoor bike storage for guests, when you're not on the trails! Hotel Pattee is on the Racoon River Valley Trail and just 9 miles from the High Trestle Trail, with the trail connector coming in 2024!

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Arthur "Oley" Olson Bowling Alley

When the Hotel Pattee opened in 1913, it offered the latest in fitness and recreation—a bowling alley. Rebuilt to replicate the original alley, the Arthur "Oley" Olson Bowling Alley has been situated in the lower level of the Hotel Pattee and features two full-functioning lanes with automated scoring.

This unique alley was named after Perry, Iowa's most famous bowler who just so happened to be Roberta Ahmanson’s grandfather, Arthur “Oley” Olson. Arthur "Oley" Olson was an accomplished, champion bowler in the 1920s and 1930s. The modernized lanes placed in a 1913 setting honor both the original alleys and “Oley” Olson.

Guests can reserve the lanes for a nominal fee of $12.50 per person per hour, which does include shoe and ball rental. Large group rates are available. Please reserve the lanes by calling (515)465-3511 prior to your stay or speech with a front desk associate at check in.

Fitness Center

Need to keep up on your fitness routine while away from home? Our in-house fitness center can help you keep on track! Located in the lower level, the fitness center offers the following exercise equipment:

  • Treadmill

  • Exercise Bike

  • Elliptical 

  • Weight Machines

  • Free Weights

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